Parallel Exit’s artistic programming is part of the mainstream theatrical landscape, accessible and of interest to the engaged theater-going public. New works for the stage are created with the overarching goal to provide moments of inspirational creativity that can only be experienced live. And, throughout nearly two decades, Parallel Exit’s esteemed artists have explored a wide range of theatrical forms, from dance (Powerhouse, 2005 and I Love Bob, 2012), to vaudeville (Cut to the Chase, 2007 and Exit Stage Left, 2009), to live-action silent film (Velocity, 1999 and This Way That Way, 2005), to tap (Time Step, 2008) — providing thrilling emotional and physically immersive audience experiences.

With at least three main-stage events each season, newly conceived and imagined productions are always of timely, topical, and creative relevance, all with a common goal of telling stories primarily through physical and visual means.

Current and Upcoming

The Lab

Furthering the art form and providing a platform of support for its greatest minds, Parallel Exit’s Lab Series is dedicated to developing new works of physical theatre. The unusual and often devised nature of this art form does not fit into the structure of traditional playwriting labs, and many physical theatre artists require greater flexibility in developing new work. Parallel Exit fills the void.

The Lab Series offers artists a creative laboratory in which to generate ideas and material for projects from the ground up. Customized to the needs of each individual artist and project, from script development to design experiments to full rehearsals, this bespoke capacity building initiative ensures that the art form of physical theatre has a home.


Parallel Exit offers in-school and community performing arts performances and workshops for public school children and families throughout New York City. These workshops are free to those who attend them through partnerships with Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP), New York Restoration Project (NYRP), Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), and beyond.

Programs, which include “Let’s Join The Circus,” “Mime and Physical Theatre,” and “Rhythm and Tap Dance,” offer hands-on interactive arts experiences. And, new audiences not only enjoy the life skills that come from performing arts training but also learn to appreciate the physical theatre style that Parallel Exit exemplifies — cultivating new audiences for the art form and ensuring its longevity in the process.